By buying a holiday property in Holiday Village Tatralandia, you will become a partner of the Tatry mountain resorts, a.s. company, which is the leader on the market in the field of tourism, and you can use all related benefits – including complex services such as property management, fire protection, cleaning, inspections of technical equipment and winter maintenance.

You get money, we get responsibility

If you let your property be utilised by our company, you can not only enjoy a guaranteed 5% yield per year but also a package of complex services, the so called „Comfort packet“ free of charge. You do not pay for cleaning, reception and other services related to the management of holiday properties. Monthly electricity, gas and water costs are also covered by our company.

Non-utilisation purchase option

If you do not want to have your property utilised by TMR, a.s., you will have to cover the costs related to:

  • water, electricity and gas consumption resulting from the property use
  • complex services connected with the property management and maintenance: 100 € - 120 € excl. VAT per month depending on the service package
  • cleaning and extra services on request based on the prices of individual services.